The adventure park

The treetop adventure park takes place on mobile installations, in not fitted out forests, and requires necessarily a technical frame (a State-certified instructor for 8 participants). Les travel adventure (or acrobatic park in height – PAH) are practised in autonomy on permanent installations, in the respect for safety regulations. The standard XP S529022 AFNOR dictates the rules of exploitations of such a park.

parc aventure

Progress of activity

The concept of course risks is based on a notion of autonomous practice in self-belay, which leaves a wide field with the freedom and with the responsibility of the participants. After the compulsory initiation, the followers evolve alone in height in trees, on the condition of respecting safety regulations and of going gradually routes easy for the most difficult (a color code of the yellow to the black indicates the difficulty of the course). In our park, you have 3 hours of practice. In case of average influx, you have enough time to make all the courses. Childs under 14 will necessarily have to be accompanied by responsible adults throughout courses (on the ground or on courses).