Adventure park builder

KARAEZADRENALINE construction is a manufacturer of park risks and of natural leisure park.

Make build a park risks or a natural leisure park presents various advantages for the investor :

A new economic potential for your wood, natural sites, or existing leisure parks.

An offer complementary and different from your tourist activities of leisure activities

Fast return on investment.

The builder Karaezadrenaline Construction guarantees a quality of realization, finish and a constant search to improve the safety of the followers.

Discover adventure parks built by Karaezadrenaline

Constructeur de parc aventure
  • Park adventure karaezadrenaline (Carhaix, Finistère) conception of a course of 16 games.
  • Permanent plant labyrinth Karaezadrenaline (Carhaix, Finistère) conception of a plant labyrinth of 3.8Km of length and 4500 shrubs.
  • Big Tyrolean of Vieilles charrues (Carhaix, Finistère) conception and exploitation of a tyrolean of 150 m for the festival Vieilles charrues.
  • Tyrolean of Landeleau (Landeleau, Finistère) conception and exploitation of a Tyrolean of 120 m
  • Natural park and adventure (Pont l’Abbé, Finistère) conception of a park of 2 courses and 15 games of continuous life.