Security engagment

By welcoming you in our park, we make a commitment for your safety in :

  • Supply quality personal protective equipment and in existing standards.
  • Verify the installation of harnesses on every customer by one of our organizers(presenters).
  • Supply gants.-Explain all the safety instructions during a briefing, and validate them on a course of initiation.
  • Assure the surveillance of courses, and intervene in trees in case of difficulties.
  • Proceed to the statutory displays: diplomas, price, internal rules.
  • Sign a professional third-party insurance.
  • Be declared with the Ministry of Youth and Sports as sports establishment (N ET001232)
  • In a general way to respect the standard of exploitation XP AFNOR 52 902 2 (exploitation of acrobatic course in height).

Commitment quality

  • Respect the standard XP AFNOR 52 902 1 (construction of acrobatic course in height).
  • Make realize annually a plant control of trees.
  • Make realize annually a security check by an independent certified body.
  • Make in house a weekly control of our courses.
  • Check personal protective equipment according to the recommendations manufacturers.
  • Hold the bus lane

We adhere to the SNEPA (National Syndicate of the Developers of Acrobatic Parks), and we join their quality approach.

Our staff

  • Require from our staff that he is formed to the techniques of first aids (AFP).
  • Train specifically our organizers in the activity.