The labyrinth

Leaky of fanciful mazes, the plant labyrinth comes along with attractions based on the Breton culture, the riddles to be solved, games etc. It is also an educational place of discovery of the natural and forest environment.

The principle is simple, to help you to go out of this ” maze of greenery “, some strategic crossroads will arouse a question. The answer which you will bring it will move closer to you to the exit either will extend your visit of the site.

The adults can choose between several themes. The children also have their own questionnaire adapted to every age bracket.

At the level safety an easily accessible outside course will return you to the entrance. In this case, it is possible to you to enter again by the welcome area. A central belvedere also can help you to locate the people misled in this maze of greenery.

This park joins in a dynamic on returning to the nature and of active leisure activities and participate in the development of the natural cultural and sports tourism it also allows to escape and to taste the enjoyments of the playful adventure, at the heart of the nature.

An enigma 2.0 entirely on smartphone is also available. Using your smartphone, look for the different clues in the maze of the labyrinth to solve the riddle.

Also enjoy the leisure park. The park offers inflatable games, tobogganing on a tubing-type buoy, carousel for the little ones, but also go-karts.

labyrinthe végétal